About The Show

My heart beats for three things: Facilitating. Guiding. Activating. 

At Soul Health Mentor & Company, I support you in self-actualizing your Divine potential by showing you how to unlock your secret gift >>your Soul’s Gift<< so you can activate your Self-Love Leadership to create a life drenched in unshakable self-worth and unapologetic self-love.

I help you understand what Soul Health is and how this radiant expression of you, supports you in developing the magnetism that manifests the dream your Soul Has for you.

The first step to getting to know me and Soul Health Mentor & Company better is to explore the podcast. 

The podcast launched in May 2022 and if you want to check out those first episodes, you can follow this link.

Here’s to your health & wellness living, in body, mind, heart, spirit, and Soul.

Here's to your EMBODIMENT of Soul Health and purpose.

Talk soon,
Nadia S. Krauss

Creator of Soul Health Mentor Podcast.


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